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Located in Douglassville, PA, just a few short miles from the homestead of one of America’s great pioneers, Kessler Law Offices, L.L.C. is a general practice law firm providing cost-conscious, quality legal representation to residents and businesses throughout Eastern and Central Pennsylvania.

Since the inception of the law firm we have had the pleasure of representing individuals, small and medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations with regard to a wide variety of legal issues from assisting grief stricken families through the estate administration process when a loved one passes to guiding entrepreneurs through the process of setting up and starting a new business.

Regardless of the issue at hand, we are always dedicated to providing our clients with aggressive legal representation with uncompromising professionalism and ability.

Proudly serving the surrounding counties of:  Berks Montgomery ChesterDelawareLancasterLebanonPhiladelphia

Our Legal Practice Areas

Estate Planning

Is a Will really necessary? This is a question that we are often asked by clients who are new to the estate planning process. In short, the answer to the question is “YES.”

Estate Administration

We compassionately assist our clients during this period of grieving to properly administer the estate of the deceased.


We understand that family law issues are often extremely difficult and emotionally draining even in the best of circumstances.

Personal Injury

Providing aggressive and compassionate legal representation to individuals who have been injured through no fault of their own.


Through the process of adoption, an adoptive parent gains all of the rights, responsibilities and obligations of the minor child’s natural biological parent.


In situations where a person is unable to make decisions for themselves, it may be necessary to formally request that the Court appoint a guardian…

Business Planning/Formation

Are you an entrepreneur ready to form your new business? Do you want to start a new business but are unsure which type of business entity to form?

Real Estate

Buying and selling real estate is usually the largest transactions that individuals or couples will make during their lifetimes.


The landlord/tenant relationship is often the source of heated conflict. We have the experience and expertise to representeither side.

Insurance Defense

We have extensive experience in representing litigants in professional negligence cases from the initial pleadings through jury trial.


Both individuals and businesses rely heavily on contracts and the laws governing contracts as they participate in every day activities.

Name Changes

Do you have a desire to officially change your legal name? There are many reasons why people wish to change their names.

Satisfied Client Stories

" When we started our LLC we had very little knowledge of what was required for filings and proper paperwork. Mr. Kessler walked us through the entire process providing information on all the requirements in a very timely and thorough way, taking the time explaining all details as we progressed the process. Mr. Kessler gets our full recommendation as a sound and trustworthy attorney."

Berks County

“Matthew Kessler has provided legal council and handled all of our personal and business legal issues for more than 10 years. Mr. Kessler has proven himself to be of fine moral character. He is honest, reliable, knowledgeable and efficient. We have recommended Mr. Kessler to our friends and family over the years. We have never been disappointed with his services and will continue to use him for all future legal needs. Thanks, Matt for being our Lawyer, we truly appreciate all that you do!”

"Good lawyers know the law and get the job done, but great lawyers possess passion and perseverance when advocating for their clients. When handling sensitive affairs, Matt Kessler compassionately tailors his approach to target one's needs and advocates for the well-being of the client. I believe far too often people forget that lawyers work with people and not just within the boundaries of the law. After hearing my mother's situation, Matt left her with a thorough understanding of her options; in order to make the best decision. He executed this with extraordinary patience, emotional support, and instant availability. I would highly recommend Matt's firm to anyone who wants a lawyer willing to take the time to understand a client's problem and create a belief that they will do everything possible for the best outcome."


"I have trusted Matt Kessler to represent me in both my business and personal legal matters. Whether assisting with real estate transactions, reviewing corporate agreements or preparing estate documents he has always exceeded my expectations. His attention to detail, integrity and timeliness of work have exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend his firm to any other business or individual for their legal needs."

Douglassville, PA

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